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The Muheeka Collection is a group of designs by fashion designer Jen Summers, handmade jewelry by Bob Summers Silversmith, and curated vintage pieces.

Bob Summers Silversmith

Notes on his process:

“I sketch everything first, then try to refine the sketch before beginning.

I always select the stone first and try to make the metal compliment the stone.

I only use the best stones that I can afford. And though I use a lot of turquoise, I also like many other types and treat them with the same respect.

All of my work is hallmarked with my custom designed Claw with an “S” inside and stamped Handmade Sterling.”

“I do ALL of my own Silverwork. I do some of my own Lapidary work but no longer have access to the larger equipment it requires.

I use only hand tools, many of my own making, with the exception of my buffing machine.

I try to set a high standard for myself, which is to say, if I make something that does not please me or look quite right, I reduce the metal to scrap and “repurpose” the stone. I want it all to be my best effort.”